October 25, 2021

Green Leaps Bingo

Are you as green as you think ?
Participate in our bingo to find out and try to win some prizes !

What do I win ?

  1. Two movie tickets for Bigger Than Us (Winner announced on the 10th of November)
  2. One Horoscope Tree
  3. One voucher for an eco-conscious shop

How to participate?

  1. Review the activities proposed and how to validate the completion of these activities below
  2. Complete as many activities as you can, keep track of your “proofs” and sum up your points.
  3. Send to bingo@greenleaps.org your consolidated activities. Make sure you indicate clearly which activity your picture or data refers to.
  4. Two possible dates to win (see below) : November 10th and November 30th

Who can participate?
Open to all!

Who will win?

  1. The first to complete a bingo (all actions in a single line) or the highest number of points or bingo before November 10th. Be fast!
    Prize: 2 tickets for Bigger Than Us on November 12th at Alliance francaise.
  2. Highest number of points at the end of the challenge - Send your completion logbook before November 30th. (if ex aequo, the fastest to send will win)
    Two Prizes
    • Top scorer wins one Horoscope Tree
    • Second top scorer wins a voucher at an eco-conscious shop.
The winners will be announced on Green Leaps' Facebook and Instagram on November 10th and 30th respectively.

You are welcome to share your journey on your FB page or Instagram tagging #GreenLeaps.
Please be careful to NOT use pictures with other people without having their express consent first.

What do you need to send to validate your points?
Please send the information/pictures as per the table below. Please also indicate your full name and your date of birth.


Bingo Activities

Please send the following to validate your points to bingo@greenleaps.org



Cook a vegetarian dish to share

Picture, name and recipe of the dish you cooked!

+7 points


Audit your trash!

Share your audit list for 2 days or over cumulated days. Template available here

+2 points/day (min 2 days)


Shop with reusable bag or bring your container for take away

Picture of your shopping with reusable bag/ reusable containers

+3 points


Only walk, ride your bike, take public transport for as many consecutive days you can

1 picture per day to illustrate your journey!

+1 point/day


Calculate your carbon footprint

Use this link and share your footprint with us


+10 points


Shop your next clothing item second hand

Take a picture and describe how you found it.

+7 points


Shop in Bulk

Bring your own container or reusable bags! Send us a picture of what you bought that day.

+4 points


Attend an eco-webinar or eco-workshop!

Attendance confirmation, a picture and what you enjoyed about the event. If your event is after the end of the bingo, please send your registration confirmation and why it is important for you to take part in this specific event

+10 points


Donate your books, clothes, unused items!

Picture of what you gave away and name of the organisation(s) you gave to

+7 points


No aircon for 24-hour

How did you stay cool without aircon? Share your tips

+5 points


Shower for less than 5 minutes a day for a week

Share with us what was the hardest part of this challenge

+5 points


Challenge your family to a clean up walk (at the beach, in a park...)

Picture illustrating your family clean up !

+10 points


Watch an environmental film !

Name of movie and your take away from watching it!

+5 points


Visit your local market

A picture of something eco-related which attracted your attention on the market

+7 points


Switch off at socket all unused electronic devices

Walk around your house and switch off at socket...

Share how many sockets you had to unplug/switch off in your home

+3 points


Pick up all littered face masks on your way!

Join the Challenge on the Litterati app (download here and use the code 765692 to join us in this challenge)

Share with us your result and nickname used for the app.

+5 points


Share your green activity : it's up to you!

Share something you love doing and that is environmentally friendly (low carbon, low consumption) that is not on this bingo

+5 points


No meat, no dairy for a day!

Picture of your favorite food that day!

+7 points


Repurpose or recycle your metal/glass

Team repurpose or team recycle?
Share a picture of what you did with metal and glass jars

+5 points


Something broken ? Fix it instead of buying a new one !

Share your journey! Picture, explanation of what item and how you fixed it. You can check out https://repairkopitiam.sg for inspiration or check other Repair groups in Singapore !

+7 points


Use a reusable bottle

Picture of your bottle. Is it always with you?

+3 points


Plant a plant

Share with us what you planted and where, along with a picture of your plant!

+7 points


Make trash art

Picture of your trash art with some explanation!

+7 points


Do a digital clean up!

Check what to do, clean and register your clean up on www.digitalcleanupday.org

Share with us the digital certificate you will receive once you have registered the result of your digital clean up! Share your key learnings!

+7 points